Healing Spirit, Soul, and Body

WELCOME BELOVED of God! I pray that as you visit our site you will receive a WORD spoken in season (just what you needed), a WORD of encouragement, a WORD of the surety of God's promises, a WORD of grace (unmerited favor), and a WORD of LOVE to find these Pleasant Words ministering health and life to you, propelling you to victory on your journey.

I also pray that you find your place, worth, and identity in the body of Christ experiencing ALL the success Jesus is and provides in us. Gracious and kind words are like honey -- sweet to the soul and healing/health to the body.

Recent Teachings

God is for you!

  God is not angry with you. He is not your enemy. He is never against you. God accepts you! God approves of you! God is for you personally! It doesn’t matter what you think of you, what others think of you, how badly you have messed up or what you haven’t done. Because of […]

When God gets ready to do something

He speaks, someone hears it, they decree it, and Holy Spirit acts on it. That is His pattern. He tells His prophets first and then they do their part. It has been this way since the beginning. In Gen. 1:1-3 Holy Spirit was hovering (moving to and fro—-remaining present but moving slow), waiting! Waiting for […]