God is for you!


God is not angry with you. He is not your enemy. He is never against you. God accepts you! God approves of you! God is for you personally! It doesn’t matter what you think of you, what others think of you, how badly you have messed up or what you haven’t done. Because of Jesus finished work on the cross, you are fully forgiven and completely forgiven by God!

You have been made the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. That means when God looks at you He sees Jesus righteousness—all the things Jesus did right. He doesn’t see all the things you have done wrong. God is not counting your sins against you. That is why the gospel is “good” news!

God loves you. God delights in you. God treasures you. God is for you!

When we receive Christ, we are saved. The greek word for salvation is “sozo.” Sozo is an ongoing salvation that affects every area of your life. The good news of the gospel of Christ is the power of God to Sozo you (to save you continually in every area of your life).

>to make you well if you’re sick

>to keep you safe in danger

>to give you more than enough in your finances

>to renew your mind, soul, spirit, and body

>to heal your relationships

>to bless you socially

>to give you peace

>to bring well-being to your family


Because you have been made righteous in Christ, you can experience the power of salvation continually in every area of your life. When this “good news” is preached miracles happen! Power is available when you believe that God is good to you, no longer holding your sins against you.

When you truly believe that God is for you, you will receive His love and favor. and miracles will happen for you!

Proclaim God’s goodness to you — He is for you — really believe that. The good news is that God is in love with you and wants to shower His favor, goodness, and love on you today. Believe it and you will receive the continual flow of salvation in every area of your life until you can say you are satisfied!



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